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2021 Lockdown

Thankfully the GT Online Program is well set up to cope with the challenges that many students in the state are facing due to the current lockdown.

Whether you are at home or school your courses can be accessed on Moodle from 1st February. Your teacher has provided information in Moodle informing you of the independent work set for Week 1. You will receive notification of your Webex class times by the end of Week 1. Webex classes will commence Week 2

As we are a statewide program, we will endeavour to keep all students working on a common timeframe. Many of our students will be at school during Week 1, but if not hopefully they can access Moodle from home and do the introductory tasks for their courses. For subject specific questions please message the subject teacher or for questions of a general nature please contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah Mirco

0436 624 495

Connecting bright minds across the state

Gifted and Talented Online in WA

Gifted and talented children will do best in an environment that supports and stimulates them and fits well with their abilities and interests. Access to programs for children with exceptional academic potential allows them to flourish and receive the necessary extension, enrichment and acceleration they require.

Thanks to the use of innovative technology, students can access the online program without moving to Perth. The program can be accessed at any regional public secondary school outside of the Bunbury or Albany region. The program for Year 7 – 10 students is delivered from Perth Modern School (Maths & Science) and Kelmscott Senior High School (English & Humanities and Social Science).

Entrance to the GT Online Program is only available by examination administered by Gifted and Talented (GAT) at the WA Department of Education.

A sense of community is key

Building community is an important part of the program’s success. Regular communication between the student, parent, home school and GT Online Coordinator ensures the provision of support and guidance required to nurture each child’s wellbeing. Watch the video to hear what school leaders and parents have to say about the program.

(recorded in 2020)

Students travel to Perth twice a year to participate in two activity filled camps which offer:
  • enrichment and extension activities, and practical based core curriculum tasks
  • opportunities to build social connection among students and promote positive interaction with like-minded peers
  • positive teacher – student interactions; maximising educational outcomes of participation in the program.

The students themselves give an account of their experience in GT Online.

(recorded in 2020)

The Best Things about GT Online ~ from our 2021 Year 10 Students

The ability it provides to connect with like-minded individuals across the state who, by the completion of the program, are a very tight-knit group of friends. The connections you make on camps make all the difference back in class; knowing your teachers by face and being friends with the students in your class nullifies the isolated feel that distanced education is often thought to have.

The inclusive nature of the program makes every new student feel welcomed. I know that the students who joined the program in later years feel as though they are no different to those that have remained from the beginning, testimony to the GT Online community feeling like a ‘family’.

Meeting interesting people from around the state.

Every semester you get to miss a week of school and go on camp, getting the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and make new friends.

The wonderful teachers and challenging classes, staying up all night to finish the assignment that you left to the last minute or messaging your friends after a test to compare answers, and the awesome camps and tight-knit classmates that will stay forever friends all make the program so special and worthwhile.

So many things such as the friends, opportunities & the special bond that you form with your teachers throughout your time in the program.

Improves my education and grants me more opportunities to grow as a person.

The sense of community that you get when you have the chance to meet and connect with like-minded peers from around the state.

Receiving an education that we would not usually have in our own schools, but also meeting some amazing people and having endless opportunities.

The great education it provides for regional students who would not otherwise be able to have their efforts appreciated or their skills developed.

How cool everyone in the program is. My first camp was an experience I will not forget because everyone was so welcoming and kind. Also, the teachers are amazing, supportive, and talented – really made the journey worth it.

You learn time management and how to prioritise what work needs doing and when, becoming self-disciplined, not having the distractions of other disruptive students, and working with students who are as eager to learn as you are.

The people. I’m quite a shy person but I’ve made friends that I’ll stay in touch with forever.

The teachers are incredible not only because they give us interesting assignments and are super knowledgeable, but also because they manage to create a friendly and caring online environment. The teachers never fail to ask how our day is going at the start of lessons and I really enjoy the banter they allow in their classes.

We get to meet our teachers in their true essence and the memories we have are so funny and 10/10 to look back on.

The competitions in Geography, History, Science and English have been very enjoyable – representing GT Online in the World Scholars Cup was one of the best experiences of my life. The bonds I formed with my teammates and the questions the topics opened up are unforgettable, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with similarly competitive peers to challenge ourselves in unique ways.

The unique online learning experience which prepares you for year 11 and 12, and the small classes and specialized learning from teachers.

The independence I get from it, how I learnt to be more organised and self-reliant. There is also the many cherished memories I share with all the friends I’ve made through the program.

How I haven’t had to be in a normal Maths class for 4 years, plus the friendships are good too.

Meeting everyone on camp and forming friendships with people who I would never have met if I was not part of the program.

The independence and self-organized behaviour you learn.

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