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2021 Lockdown

Thankfully the GT Online Program is well set up to cope with the challenges that many students in the state are facing due to the current lockdown.

Whether you are at home or school your courses can be accessed on Moodle from 1st February. Your teacher has provided information in Moodle informing you of the independent work set for Week 1. You will receive notification of your Webex class times by the end of Week 1. Webex classes will commence Week 2

As we are a statewide program, we will endeavour to keep all students working on a common timeframe. Many of our students will be at school during Week 1, but if not hopefully they can access Moodle from home and do the introductory tasks for their courses. For subject specific questions please message the subject teacher or for questions of a general nature please contact the Program Coordinator, Sarah Mirco

0436 624 495

About GT Online

Gifted and Talented Online in WA

Gifted and Talented Online (GT Online) is an academic program of study designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented students in public secondary schools in country Western Australia in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. GT Online is the online version (for rural and remote students) of the Selective Academic Program taught in selected secondary schools in the Perth metropolitan area and Bunbury.


I am very thankful for the four years I did and the experience that GATE was because it has set me up for success in senior school (which I am sure you’ve heard from every other past student – but it’s trueeee!). Every week I come to realise more and more how beneficial the stuff I’ve already done is helping me and how I’m way ahead in a lot of the English and History skills. I do miss GATE quite bit though. The community is so much better and more enjoyable in GATE……. good camaraderie and wholesome community…… is making me appreciate the community of GATE. We always spent time talking and communicating in lessons and on Moodle and the banter was so good. I still keep in contact with all the other GATE kids …. This is all a bit of rambling, but I guess what I’m saying is I very much appreciate GATE, miss it lots, and would urge you guys to never change the great community building which the program does so well.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the impact made on me during my three years of GATE. Your awesome teaching style leaves me with more understanding of topics than I realise and it’s pushed me to give my best in my humanities subjects, and as a result I’ve done some of my best work in history and geography starting off  my first semester of Year 10. At the start of year seven I’d have said Humanities was seriously scary, completely foreign and very confusing, but with a few years in GATE I’ve come to really enjoy humanities and I’m going to try my luck with Modern History next year (something I thought would never happen).

“Being in the GT Online program has inspired me and from it I have gained extraordinary knowledge and experience that help define who I am. 

This program has helped extend me so much and the teachers are awesome. Also as the classes are small in number it is easy to ask for any clarification, help, etc.

Through out this term, going to an English online class has always been a joy, your anecdotes always brighten up my day and put a smile on my face, your encouragement and belief in us gave me confidence in myself and the knowledge you give will be crucial to my future. I am incredibly grateful to have such a cool, humorous and sweet teacher like you and I will not ever regret being in the GT Online English program.

I just got my results back for my first ATAR economics test and I scored 80% thanks to last year’s GT Online course!

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